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About Life and Creativity Coaching

Life coaching offers informed and compassionate witnessing of your experience, attuned mirroring of your inner wisdom, and heart-centered accountability partnerships to help you live in alignment with your values.

Who I Work With

I work with folks from a wide range of backgrounds. However, some of my specialties include:


  • LGBTQIA+ and nonbinary clients, especially those coming out later in life

  • Artists, musicians and writers wanting to expand their creative practice

  • Caregivers and empaths working to maintain compassionate boundaries or recover from burnout

  • People strengthening communication in relationships, including those practicing ethical non-monogamy, relationship anarchy and kink

  • Allies and activists interested in accountability and compassion while exploring identity, privilege and values-aligned life choices

Because I offer remote sessions, I can work with folks in any location. I only work with adults and individuals (no youth or children, couples or groups). 

Forest Scene

Scope of Practice

Everyone deserves support. But, not everyone needs a mental health diagnosis. In our current cultural context, there are limited options for people wanting a collaborator for exploration and growth. Often, people turn to mental health treatment when they really just need a compassionate witness, informed guide and accountability partner. Just because you have adapted to oppression, loss or burnout and want to explore, grow and create the life you want doesn't necessarily mean you have a mental disorder. Life coaching offers an alternative — because you deserve support without stigma.


Life coaching and creativity coaching are a good fit for people engaged in personal exploration and growth but who are not experiencing severe functional impairment or crisis. Mental illness is real and deserves appropriate treatment. Life coaching is not psychotherapy, psychology, clinical social work, counseling or psychiatry. I don't assess, diagnose, or treat mental illness or behavioral disorders. I cannot accept insurance, do not prescribe medication, and cannot offer professional medical advice about your mental, behavioral or physical health.

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